Contracting…eek. I am not known for being particularly assertive and I’m apprehensive about whether or not I’ll be able to make the points I want to make and ensure that my needs and wants are heard and understood by the client. For this reason, among others, I’m relieved to be working with a partner. Hopefully we will be able to back each other and fill in the gaps. I definitely have a tendency to hold back, which can make me a great listener but not necessarily an active part of the conversation.

June and I met with our first prospective clients yesterday at FeedMore, an umbrella organization for the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and the Community Kitchen. The two individuals with whom we met were friendly and receptive but I’m concerned nonetheless. We already know that the last VCU group to work with FeedMore faced some challenges with one of the individuals. Also, the two project ideas they presented to us both seemed interesting, but large and perhaps not focused enough on human interactions. The first project concerns the development of a diversity program. Diversity of course relates to individuals and their interactions with each other and the community at large. However, I do fear that if we’re not careful we could become bogged down in the program development aspect and never focus on the actual human interactions, if that makes sense. Also, diversity is an important, yet large, issue to tackle in six weeks.

The second proposal was to work on a wellness program. Again, I worry that we would be relying too much on a program planning skills and not enough on our consulting skills. However, I do see the potential in this project and it may prove easier to pare this down into a manageable unit for the time frame we have.

We have a second meeting scheduled with the Hilliard House for this Tuesday and, depending on how that goes, we should have a program nailed down soon!

And then…contracting…

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  1. Sarah,

    I am not assertive either and in the beginning, I thought this would be a very difficult project for me. We had our first meeting on last week and while Michelle was talking, I was listening. It is so great to have a partnership in which one talks and the other listens. Don’t worry because the two will balance each other out, trust me…Michelle and I have figured this out! You will hear some things and be able to identify some key points as the process develops.

    Be Blessed,


  2. Sarah,

    Don’t worry everything will eventually work out…it always does. This course really sheds light on the fact that Consulting Flawlessly “aint” easy… : >


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